Fulfillment of a dream…


The clinic started on April 1969 as an OPD clinic to attend to the health needs of the people, majority of whom are Muslims, in a small town in Buluan, Maguindanao. An increasing number of patients availed of the clinic services, as they became more aware of their health care needs, with emphasis on disease prevention, sanitation and improvement of health status.


Expanding its horizon, an in-patient facility was constructed and a license from the Medicare was granted in 1976. Behind the realization of this project is Sergio V. Manangan, M.D. supported by his wife Virginia P. Manangan, a primary hospital was built located in Poblacion, Buluan, Maguindanao. In 1986, the building was renovated to accommodate the increasing number of patients.


Situated in an area where peace and order is unstable, the clinic caters to patients from all walks of life. They may be Muslim rebels, government soldiers, Christians or Muslims by religion, will all receive the same kind of treatment for all their health needs.